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The Decide projectAim of DECIDE (Diagnostic Enhancement of Confidence by an International Distributed Environment) is to design, implement, and validate a GRID-based e-Infrastructure building upon neuGRID and relying on the Pan-European backbone GEANT and the NRENs.

Over this e-Infrastructure, a service will be provided for the computer-aided extraction of diagnostic markers for Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia from medical images. DECIDE will offer access to large distributed reference databases (850 and 2200 datasets from normal subjects and from neurological subjects, respectively), high computation and storage resources (more than 1000 CPU core processors and 70 Tbyte of storage) and intensive image processing tools.

The DECIDE distributed e-infrastructure and service is up and running. It is being released for user testing by a panel of selected early adopters, who will undergo dedicated training sessions to allow them to make the best use of the tool. Their feedback will result in further improvements to the four applications deployed by the project.

In addition, DECIDE can serve as a testing environment for new potential applications to be ported on the infrastructure. In the long term, this infrastructure could be extended to cover algorithms relating to other diseases of the brain and other organs, involving the whole life science research community (updated in February 2012).


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Seventh Framework Programme - Eurpean Commission

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